A severe change of heart!

Sunday, December 31, 2006
I no longer can hear his voice.. I do my best to escape getting into a conversation together.. I’m doing my best to appear uncaring.. I’m blocking any way of communication.. and still he insists!

I’m starting to get rude.. just repelling with every possible way..

Don’t ask me what happened.. I myself don’t know! I just can’t come nearer.. there is this distance that no one should cross.. at times I wished it to be crossed.. but whenever it happens, I start running away! I feel suffocated.. insecure..

I don’t want to hurt anyone, but I can’t help it.. I neither want to hurt myself!
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aint we all the same person when it comes to the same insidents ya moon? :)

it happens... w the fact is.. we r the only ones who r hurt.,, not the other..

rabna ma3aki
we all have defense mechanisms. But unless we become vulnerable, open, easy to get hurt, we sometimes miss on the best things life has to offer...
If you feel insecure then you really have to get away of him, but take care while you're stepping away, watch your every step carefully...i've done the same thing, but i was a fool, i've hurt the person and as a reasonable thing i feel hurt myself as well!
take care, and wish you Happy New Year full of happiness!!
Yeah, we are the same person ya Blue.. I wonder why?! Is it the way we were brought up?! May be!

Alina, that's the everyday debate I have with myself.. should I get opened or not.. at times I feel like missing everything around, just not to hurt myself.. and then I regret it..

Myra, actually I'm getting away.. may be escaping.. but I'm sometimes rude when delivering the msg. I just hope he got it without being hurt!
Wish you a Joyful new year :)
BTW, are you an FCISian?!
Moon, I opened up twice. First during my first long term relationship, then to K. I got severely hurt both times. And still, if a third opportunity comes along, I am more than sure I'd take it. Hope this helps :)
From the broken mirror to your blog. Nice post by the way.

Whenever any realtionship ends we have a singular choice. We can choose to remember what was good or what as bad. The sad truth is that unless we choose the first we often default to the latter.

Of course no reason to 'jump in the water' too soon either. Time to relfect is always good. But gather you courage and jump in again. You'll do great.