Saturday, December 02, 2006
What do I do when I don’t feel well?! I open my blog and start writing..
It’s almost a week since my grandfather entered the hospital.. his status deteriorated, but thank God currently it’s stable..

Yesterday I went into the room to check on him.. I found tears in his eyes, he feels sorry for himself.. sa3ban 3aleeh nafso awy.. wana sa3ban 3alya awyy.. couldn’t endure to see him crying.. found myself crying as well..

On the other side, I’m having a horrible work load.. however, I’m not able to work properly at all. I’m expected to stay more and finish whatever I’ve got.. but seriously I can’t. I’m not able to concentrate and think properly.. I’m having a regular headache after working for a while.. I’m feeling pressured, and I can’t work while I’m having this feeling.. still, I know that I should by a way or the other finish what I’ve got this week.. at times I feel like I shouldn't do this to myself and I leave work, but I don't have enough courage to do this!

I just feel that everything around is going wrong.. and I can’t do anything about it.. the only thing is.. I’m feeling pressured.
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Moon, sorry to hear about your grandfather! Hope everything is better now. Take care and stay strong.