An old dream coming true

Saturday, November 11, 2006
One of the things I don't like about myself is, not knowing what I want. I might keep saying that I need a certain thing, and then when I'm about to have it, I just realize that it's not what I wanted.

May be I change.. and as a result my needs and dreams change as well.. without me realizing that..

Since I graduated and may be before that, I was wishing to work at a certain place.. for a reason or the other, this didn't happen.. and I had an offer from the place where I'm currently working.. it was a good one, and I thought I shouldn't wait for that other place more than that..

A year passed, and still that dream of working at that other place didn't fade away, however, I was kinda satisfied where I am, and felt it doesn't worth trying.. may be it wasn’t meant for me to work there..

Out of nowhere I found a call from that company I wished to work at. They were calling me for an interview.. without thinking I said, “Yeah, I’m interested”. Going home that day.. I was wondering, am I really interested?! Or it’s just the old dream that came playing in my head again?!

Thinking of the place where I currently am, I found out that I’m happy there. Though, many times I feel like I need to leave.. but from a logical point of view, it is giving me all what I need.

Felt it’s not fair to leave where I am just for the sake of an old dream. However, I thought I’d go through the experience. I’d go for the interview, and may be I won’t be accepted, and that way things will be solved.

Went, for the interview, I enjoyed it.. I sometimes know myself through interviews. After a number of interviews, I was accepted, and had their offer.

If I am to compare the offer logically, then I’d say that it doesn’t worth the change. However, a very faint sound inside me is seeking the change, and risk. It’s that old dream of mine which I don’t know whether I still want it or not.

I gotta be replying today..
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Change and Risk ..
yes i would leave my current stable job for that ... Only if the offer is not less the current.
Well, the offer wasn't less, it was almost the same as where I am, and a little bit more. But, I've already taken the decision, and I'm staying where I am!
fear of change ??
Well, moon, you should just choose what's best for you, from an objective point of view. If the offer they made was not worth starting new, than staying were you are right now seems like the logical choice.
Salateenoo, no, it wasn't fear of change, I'm one of those people who always seek change.. and may be knowing that about myself makes me try to give it some objective thinking as Alina said.

I'd go blindly for change, just for the sake of change, however, that isn't right all the way.

Thank God, I think that my decision turned out to be a good one, since I had some good news at work.