Saturday, July 15, 2006
Sometime ago, I’ve decided that I’ll no more read newspapers, nor watch news on TV.. and I will not want to know what’s going on around me.. I’d love to try living in this world seeing it from that narrow view of mine, not interested in widening that view anymore..

Couple of days ago, I heard words about what’s happening to Lebanon.. didn’t get deep into the details, but was shocked to know what’s happening! I kept myself away from any source of news, but it came my way whether I needed it or not..

And I had the same questions I’ve always had.. why we can not stop what’s happening.. why would all these innocent people and children die?! Why this isn’t considered terrorism?!

I’m not into politics nor into deep details of what’s happening all around.. It’s only that my heart aches for all these innocent people!
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You know Moon, I'm doing this as well... I don't want to know what's happening ....the amount of knowledge you know equal the amount of suffer you'll get, moreover you can't do ANYTHING about it!!!!!!

But i found myself involved just like , as i have a co-worker who was on a business trip to Lebanon and he was 2 blocks away from bombing!!!!!!!!!!! he's back safely thank God ... but there was a probablity....
yeah girlies.. i didnt wish to know what is happening there as well.. untill a friend told me the whole thing
its heart breaking to know what is happening there right now. and what hurts more is not that we r keeping scilent, but the injustics of the world..
i just can't stand the word !!