Sunday, October 23, 2005
So what’s up with that mood?! Thanks to a friend, he drew my attention to the number of stress and pressure words I used during the past week!!

Is it a true pressure that I’m living, or it’s me who is creating it?! Seems that I can’t live without it or what?! I must admit that I’m worried more than I should, and it’s doing me no good. It only caused me to be stressed, and depressed. I’m fearing something that I don’t know, and it doesn’t exist at the first place.

The idea of leaving that world didn’t leave me for about a week. Each day I waked up, I felt it’s the last day, or you could say I wished it was! Felt that it will be a very small thing that will end my life. A stumbling stone, slipping from the stairs, and extra dosage of a medicine, etc…

It’s painful and no fun at all to be thinking of that all the time. Still the thought didn’t leave me, but I’m trying my best to get over it.

Wish I could stop my mind from working.

Actually I discovered that it’s the mess that happens with my hormones is the cause for that desperate mood. I just wish I don’t make any decisions when I’m in that messy state. Hope to be cheering up soon, cause I’m tired of that depression!
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depression makes us really tired & block us from everything wonderful we could enjoy arround us, just dont surrender for that feeling, try to get out of that mood by going out, reading, just joining ppl or maybe joining yourself but with nice thoughts, the music on ur blog today is nice & it may help you, to cheer up, Have a nice day :)))
  At 10/23/2005 10:57:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Dear Moon,
I know the feeling of being lost and not knowing whats the purpose of u living in this world but u know i ask u now w7na fil 10 el awa'7er fi ramadan try to pray more and say more doaa and become near to ALlah and he'll help get over all this negative feelings.....wish u all the best of luck in ur life
Tota, I think I should be joining a new activity, to feel that I'm doing something, and adding a value, and having some kind of human interaction.

Thank you Tota, and anonymous.