Doubly pressured

Thursday, October 13, 2005
Yesterday I was saying that I’m pressured. Today I’m saying I’m doubly pressured, and I hate pressure. I thought by ending college days there will be no pressure, and deadlines, but seems I was wrong.

For anyone else, the work load I’m having might be normal. But for someone like me who don’t accept things she is doing, it’s hard to finish things by the deadline and feel happy about it. Add to that, going in circles and circles to finish anything. Sometimes I just feel that my mind is blocked. Meaning, if I stayed for hours and hours I won’t accomplish any progress.

Today, I thought I should go early and get done with that task of mine. I went about an hour early, and yes, I was done with it in this hour. I was really amazed. I’ve been revolving in circles yesterday to do it, and I just did it in a fraction of an hour.

However I still have a problem with it! So, I’m behind the deadline by 3 days up till now. Despite that, I’ve been assigned new tasks! Am I going to live in that pressure forever?!
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  At 10/13/2005 08:44:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Bossy, if you want the is a series of deadlines and commitments, but still accompanied with lots of accomplishments and achievements, fa you get both, can't get one without the other. Don't freak out, it is normal at the very beginning.
I'm sure no matter how things are going crazy now, u'll manage .
I know u'll bypass this... u'll get used to it with time... Good luck to you (F)