Telepathy, Was: Not feeling good

Wednesday, October 19, 2005
I started writing my entry, and was intending to title it “Not feeling good”. Few minutes later, mum came home bringing us ice cream. Amazingly, me and my brother was planning to call her and ask her to bring ice cream on her way. Would I call that telepathy?!

A very small thing, which normally pass unnoticed, but I caught myself happy and smiling! Haven’t been like that for sometime. I might be smiling, I might seem happy, but that’s not how my heart feels. Just trying to make it up.

So, back to not feeling good. My day started well, though it’s not free from my daily struggle to wake up at the morning. But was having generally a good mood. Opened my computer and started work. Currently I’m working on two tasks in parallel. Actually, I should have finished one of them about a week ago, but I’m still working on it. And I was finalizing the other task as well. Almost finished it, and was checking it with one of my colleagues. He is the eldest among my colleagues, he is about 30.

We were checking the requirements and if they are fulfilled and all that. During this, he was checking if the returned data is right or not. I have no problem with that. Actually I would have asked him to do verify it if he didn’t. While he was doing that, he said there is something wrong. Ouch!! I wished that this will never happen, and wished that the data was right. Actually he said it in a way that I didn’t like :( then we traced things to know where did the error come from. And YES, he was wrong, and what I did was right.

Unfortunately, that’s his normal way of dealing with people. He strongly blames you for a small thing which might turn out not true at the end. He amazes me in the way he confidently defends his opinions and attacks you, even if he is not right!

That was enough to turn my mood upside down. We spent the rest of the day trying to make a trivial thing work, but it didn’t. I asked for his assistance, and after about an hour and a half, we reached where we started, and he thought he did a great job in that!!

I’m just pissed off him today. But generally he is not that bad, but still he gets on my nerves sometimes. A kind of character that I don’t like.
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:S...I know what u r talking about.. I'm currently suffering from the same problem with a "new" boss who thinks she knows better than others and uses sarcasm to clarify her viewpoints,though she's technically not that good!!!
The only thing works with such ppl is ignoring their comments, and trying as much as possible avoid dealing directly with them...and keep it cool.
I know this type of charcters ,they know very well that their opinions are wrong but they insist on it! ,you can either ignore them as rain suggested or try discussing it further till you clarify your winning point.

You can have some Icecream and realx a little bit!