Unconditional love!

Sunday, October 09, 2005
Is there such a thing?!
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Twosret, why yes?

Haal, why no?
Yes, there is. And that is the only thing we call love.
In my opinion yes ,cause Love itself is unconditionable ,when you love you have to corss broders and wreck chanins ,you have to give without waiting for return ,this is simply love and anything else is juts pretending.
No, there's always sth we want in return.
Even though it's real and pure.
  At 10/10/2005 08:19:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
The only unconditional kind of love is the parental one, otherwise BIG NO.
i agree with nerro, its only the parental love that is unconditional.

but from on a more personal level, i witnessed only one case of Unconditional love, but im 100% sure that it happens once in every million ppl.
Agree too with nerro... parental love is the only unconditional love .
I don’t think that parental love is unconditional. We tend to think that it’s unconditional. However, when I gave it a second thought, I realized that it’s not unconditional. Parents want something in return to their love and care for us when we were young. They need us to pay them that love and care when we grow up. They take care of us when we are young, we take care of them when they grow up.

It’s quite common to hear parents complaining about their children not asking about them and regretting the time they spent bringing them up.

Yes, parents might not have that in mind, but still, it’s the way things go.

I believe that no matter how genuine and true the love is, still we need something in return. We need to have the same feeling back.

I don’t think that it would ever work out to just give the love and care without having the same in return.
I agree with you that love is an exchanging process in most of its aspects but sometimes..only in a very rare circumstances you would be happily giving without waiting for return..I don't want to look idealistic but this is a version of love that should be available somewhere evenif it's hard to find.

PS:Thanks alot for the music.
I guess there is, in some very rare cases. I presented one on my blog recently, a grannie's love for her disabled grandson.
There is no such thing as unconditioned love. When you love someone, no matter how much you love him/her, you always want have your conditions, even if you are not conscious of them.
You conditions comes in that form:
1- love me in return.
2- respect me.
3- Be loyal to me
4- etc. ...