Counting the days till it’s the end

Friday, October 14, 2005
Every now and then the question of “why do I exist?” crosses my mind. According to my mood and my state of mind, I find myself an answer. Couple of days ago I asked myself the same question, but didn’t find an answer.

I’m counting the hours to pass the day. I’m counting the days to pass the weeks. I’m counting the weeks to pass the months. I’m counting the months to pass the years. And I’m counting the years to pass my life!

I don’t think that life is meant to be this way. However, it’s how I feel.

Parents count the days to see their children in school. Children count the days to leave school and go to college. College students count the days to graduate. Graduates count the days till they get a job. Then, no more counting is involved. You go to the same place everyday, meet same people, discuss same things, and life goes on that routine way.

Was talking with a friend yesterday, I told him that I’m bored of this life, and I’m just waiting till it’s the end. In return to this, he said, “don’t wish for it, you don’t know if you have enough good deeds or not”. He added, “May be God is keeping you to have more good deeds”!

What if I’m decreasing from the good ones I have?!!
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Why don't you try enjoying this TEMPORARY life we live? ,as it is temporary so it's nature is to be cycles tied to each other ,we always waiting for something to happen but no one is waiting for the end of his/her life to come.

I myself preffer this temporary life ,I know this may sound strange but I like this earthly life as it is ,with it's pros and cons ,with it's INCOMPLETE state ,I can't imagine myself living life without worries and delights ,sorrows and happines ,problems and solutions ,and if I am to be asked to choose I will definitely choose this life other than the immortal one.
it is not about good or bad deeds moon. It is about you. totally you. I personally think that we are here not for the sake of good or bad deeds, this could be a natural consequence. The main aim, i believe, is to discover yourself and when you do that, the counter of good deeds start to count automatically with no effort and more, this good/bad deed will no more exist
unfortunately, i am not going to advise you to 'enjoy' but maybe to 'live'. to be free. how? dunno. here is the quote down in ur homepage, 'change before u have to'
If the routine is what's bothering you so much, maybe you should try to fight it somehow...Just go shopping randomly, looking for nothing, you will surely find a book or a pen or a scarf to make your day. Take a new road to your house and try to pay more attention to your colleagues. In my case, although most of us do the same things every day, yet there is something interesting to talk about everyday. if you feel time is just passing by you, you're the only one that can help you make more of each day and each hour.