An evening out

Friday, October 07, 2005
Today is the 3rd of Ramadan, and it was a vacation as well. Me and my friends thought of making use of this and go have Iftar out together. The place was nice, not one of the normal places we go to. It was a good change. The best thing about it that it was in the open air. It gave me a good feeling.

The plan was just to have Iftar, and spend some time together and that’s it. Was telling them about Virgin mega store, and that I went through it quickly, and I wanted to go there again. Then the idea of going there popped into our minds. Then we thought of changing it and go check Diwan. I have never been there. I just passed in front of it couple of times before. Was very curious to go check the place.

We made up our minds and decided to go check Diwan. On our way there, we were talking about the
Greenpeace Ship "Anna" visiting Cairo, and was telling them that I wanted to go check it since the early morning, but was tool lazy to go! And yes, we decided to go after we are done with Diwan.

Diwan was really a nice place, I just wanted to buy all the books there, and the good news is, they will be opening another branch beside the place where I live. That was really a good news. However, I just like going to Zamalek, there is something about the place there.

We finished Diwan, and then we started our trip to the Ministerly palace. Actually I had no idea about the directions, but we finally made it there. Seems that we went late or something, or it was us who didn’t ask about anything. Umm, I don’t know, we didn’t stay for long there.
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I like going to Diwan too, it is one of my favourit places. I am dreaming of having a DIWAN of my own. I am dreaming of finding a Diwan (bookshops) in each street in Egypt, and to see peolpe intrested in reading instead of watching videoclips
It is a nice place. Good place to relax too actually. Hope to see u there soon.
Wonderer, join me the dream of having a Diwan of my own :) Actually I know a number of friends who have the same dream, who knows, may be one day one of us will fulfill that dream.

Haal, yes, it's a very good place to relax, and the music there was wonderful.. and since I'll be jumping there very frequent, who knows, we might run into each other.
Yeah, try to spot me. Make a long eye contact with me and I might know you! Seriously!

Finally, someone noticed the nice music.
LOL.. that means making a long eye contact with every lady there :D I would really look funny :D