The Moon

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Strange! That’s all what I can say when it comes to me and the moon. Many Moons were involved in my day. It was a full moon, had my iftar at a restaurant which has the moon involved in it’s name. It was by the Nile, a scenery that I can’t resist. The reflection of the Moon’s light on the water was awesome.

Actually I can sit starring at the full moon and it’s light’s reflection for hours, having a non specific idea or thought in mind. I even don’t know where does the beauty lies, but I just love it, sitting like that thinking of nothing.

It never crossed my mind that the Moon is such an important thing in my life. I just feel that I’m related to it by a way or the other.
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I think I know the restaurant you alked about ,it's the one in Nilecity boat ,isn't it?

I like watching the moon too ,but it's stange that if you land on the moon's surface oneday you will not be able to see any beauty there ,just rocks ,sand and darkness.
It's beside the NileCity, it was in Blue Nile.

Yes, if you land on the Moon's surface you won't see it's beauty, but still, you could look at the Earth, and see it's beauty!