Heading to the mountains

Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Heading to the mountains.. may be I’ll find her there.

Was very excited about that hike.. but things happened which might not make it as exciting as it ought to be.

Well, I don’t want to be pessimistic.. just wish me that things will turn out to be fine.. and I’ll be telling you about it all.
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moonlight: mabrooook for the new template.. that one is much better and relaxing..
but tell me, u moved to the mountains :S?
Seems like we're walking the same trail. Heading out at 4 today?
Are u going with Mabrouk???!!! I was going but I had other things to do!
Wish that things turn out as you want them to.
Make sure u take lots of pictures, just like I did! And I wish things go according to your plan!
Bluelue, I'm glade you liked the new look :)

Sa7eb el ashgar, yes we were walking on the same trail ;) it was nice meeting you :)

Haal, OMG, yes it was with Mabrouk! wished you were able to join in, we would have been 4 bloggers there :D

Shirazi, it partialy turned out as I wanted things to go.

Kayla, we took a lot of pictures actually.. will be uploading some of them soon.
I was going to join, but he said the age between soemthng that i was not in the same bracket. I was suppose to call him, he sent me the number but I had plans for the weekend. Next time. I willl probably call Mabrouk!
Yeah he intended to make it for a certain age group, but it ended up including all ages :D

Anyways, make sure that next time you call Mabrouk, it really deserve it.