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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Since I was in preparatory, I have been interested in psychology, and especially psychological tests. At that time, I didn’t know many people around having the same interest. I sometimes took these tests seriously, other times it was just for having fun. Same goes for character analysis according to horoscopes. I like knowing and reading about it, but I don’t take things very serious. Meaning, things don’t stick to my mind, it’s spontaneous.

Lately, I’ve been in touch with many people who are having that same interest of mine. But surprisingly, they are addicted to it, and take it more seriously than I do. I feel that they just project the results of tests on their character. They take it for granted, and try acting according to these results. I don’t know why I don’t think that’s a proper way of self discovery.

I definitely believe that these tests are a way for getting to know the person we are. But still it’s not everything. It’s not the only way to know ourselves.
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  At 7/28/2005 03:10:00 AM Anonymous Someone said:
Please, write down the books you have been interested in reading them, Psychology books..
Well Moon, I agree to that part, u can't fully discover urself thru books nor tests.
And I actually don't take any of these tests results for granted nor act according to it..but instead I believe in what I want to be true :D.
Well, I've taken lots of these tests when I was pretty bored and what was weird was the results which could never apply to me. About horoscopes, there are what? a millions of people sharing one star sign, it is impossible to apply to all of them! Psychology books might give you an insight on yourself, but I think the best way is to compare all the info you find with who you feel you are and try turning the feeling into knowledge. Sometimes, people that know you pretty well might prove to be more helpful than any book!
"but instead I believe in what I want to be true :D"

Rain, that's exactly what I'm talking about. We sometimes tend to fool ourseleves.. take what we want to think we are, and leave the rest. I don't which comes first, is it discovering ourselves first, then checking if these tests are right or not. Or it's the other way round, we discover ourselves according to what a test says about us.. I don't kow.

I agree with u Kayla, people might be of a better support in this case.

But remains one thing, am I discovering the ME or the I or the MYSELF?!
I guess we should try to discover every face of our personality - the I, the Me, the Myself, all the alteregos.
take what we want to think we are, and leave the rest.

But if u believe in it , u can do it ;)
do u really belive that..because u were born on 15 septamper,then ur character and manners are the same as every one on earth whom had born on the same day...?!!!