Fake it till you make it

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Fake it till you make it.
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Ok..it's a good idea,BUT you have to be sure that u'll make it.
If you believe that you will make it, you will.
Hmmm... I used to think "Fake it til you make it" was a pretty good expression. But then I changed my mind!!

I think it's true that the subconscious mind can be fooled with a conscious effort, which can result in a positive change in attitude. The problem with "fake it til you make it" is that you will probably be aware that you are just faking it :)

I dunno. It is possible to change your thinking, which will result in a change of attitude, which will result in a change in behavior. It's just the "fake it" part I have a problem with. It is a catchy phrase though, and it's true that if you change the way you act, you will change the way people perceive you, and the way they react to you. I think the trick is that there has to be a willingness and a desire to actually CHANGE rather than just become expert at putting up a false front. I guess I don't really have a problem with the saying, it's the way I've seen people put it into practice that I have a problem with.
Exacltyprogrammer craig ppl tend to find excues to blind their conscious by twisting some proverbs or use the saying "it's a means to an end" to reach something.
I was totally against this concept until I've been to the real world (work)and learned that sometimes work requires some flexiblity to manage sudden situation :S
But still I won't fake it, at least I'll try to be honest as long as possible..and if I had to fake it , then I must be sure that I can make it.
I believe that the subconscious is capable of directing our actions and our way of thinking. I don’t say that I go on faking everything around, but it’s rather have a positive attitude that I’d achieve anything I want, as long as I’m working hard to get it.
in the gabalaya group, they used to say "fake it" and it is over :D

there is no need to make it as long as it looks convincing for others

of course I don't believe in that , I work on the opposite way, I always start anything from its core and leave the appearance to the final work, when I make sure it is working, I start by how to make it "looks working"
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