The first dance

Saturday, July 30, 2005

If you are to choose the first dance in your wedding, which song would that be?
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i wont dance ,i hope

i think i'll have my wedding in a mosque
بعد إذنك هعلق
لو هختار اغنيه يبقى
أنا لك على طول خليك ليه
ل سى عبدو الحليم

وعموا الصيدلانى ما هو مش لازم ترقص ادام الناس
  At 7/31/2005 02:03:00 AM Anonymous Someone said:
If i don t tell you now
Ronan Keating
I chose Me And You by Kenny Chesney for my engagement.
Now that we broke up I can get to choose one or two more :D
If you're looking for ideas, there are entire sites devoted for this very thing. Those are all English songs though.

But I think if the bride and groom do share a special song that's "theirs" then it should override any other considerations, even if the song ain't that romantic, as long as it has this special meaning to both of them.
  At 7/31/2005 08:30:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Well, my first choice would be Olivia Newton John's "I honestly love you", and the second would be "Everything I do" by Bryan Adams.
In my engagement I chose the song in ghost movie.. in wedding, I think Iĺl choose a dong by Ricko ;).. just kidding
i will probably choose something that describes what he makes me feel.

i really like Angel by shaggy, though i know it is not slow. but i wish that he would feel that way about me, and play it for me
Chris, I agee with you, if it's a special song that has a significat memory with them, then that would be better. And thanks for the websites, they provide a number of very nice songs.. Would like them all to be played :D

Nerro, "I honestly love you" would be one of my choices as well.
I don't know :| ...I've never thought about it.
why do u ask ?:D
Truely, Madly, deeply by Savage garden..

:-) Good luck if u are getting married and trying to choose.
Nops, I'm not getting married, I'm just curious to know :)
It would definiely be a Tango: Pasion!
Kayla, I was sure you will choose Tango :)
i dont care about the first song as i wont be lessa wa5da 3la le gaw famesh hafteker el song, but i care about the last one cos i think enaha heya elli hat3all2 fi dema3'i... i wan it to be " 3la war2 el foll dall3ny"
Yeah, Moon, it was obvious considering some of my latest entries...:))
in my wedding i chose "she" i wanted "lady in red" by chris de burg but the wife didn't like it ;)
"She" is a beautiful song.. of course you have to abide by the wife's choice ;)
no, no, NO!
No abiding by someone's choice, just mutual agreement :P