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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My brother had to apply for the university during the past week, and the argument started. Well, they were two arguments, one about which college to enter, the other was the way of applying. It was either in the normal way, go and get the papers and then apply hand to hand, or to use the new online service for applying.

Me and dad kept convincing him to do it online. He was afraid to use the service, he said that it’s not guaranteed.. and such online services won’t work well in Egypt and such stuff. Well, finally after doing such a great effort, we convinced him.

But seems my brother was right about his doubts. The student’s data is supposed to be displayed after he enters his seat number.. and we had the shock.. my brother passed the exams for entering the faculty of Fine Arts (kodrat exam) but what was written there was that he didn’t pass!!

So, we thought ok, we will try adding the faculty of Fine Arts and see if it’s gonna accept it or not. We got a message box saying he didn’t pass the exam, but the faculty was added to the list.

We were confused, we didn’t know whether it’s accepted that way or not. We called their service to check if that’s normal or not. The lady said that they had a problem with the data of this exam and for that reason they allowed all students to add this faculty then they will validate it with the original copy of data!

Me and my father got relieved somehow.. but my brother was on fire.. LOL.

The whole situation isn’t satisfying at all. First, I wonder if my brother who is supposed to be educated and know the importance of Information Technology, how couldn’t he trust these online services?! And how are we asking people who never dealt with computers to trust it then?!!

Despite the fact that the government is somehow doing some efforts for automating it’s services, still they are to be blamed because these services are not fully tested and reliable. By that, they discouraging people to go for the automated services.

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  At 7/26/2005 11:54:00 PM Anonymous Someone said:
Whatever the IT system you are dealing with, It is vulnerable and can easily crash.
Depending on the system reliability and integrity to work properly is matter of a good design of this system.

Bear in mind, It is not Amazon,Google servers you are dealing with, just GOVERNMENTAL STUFF, huh.
Yeah it's governmental stuff, which I suppose shouldn't be less than any of what you mentioned.
  At 7/27/2005 12:16:00 AM Anonymous Someone said:
Apparently, Lots of fund needed which is not avaiable by our lovely Gov.

Server costs, Administartion work, Programmers, Consultants,Quality Service assurance, System Maintenance/Troubleshooting...

It may we have one/more of these, but by missing one of these mentioned above we may encounter a slow system/crashes/bugs..etc
I do agree.. though it sounds depressing.
  At 7/27/2005 12:26:00 AM Anonymous Someone said:
We do have all of those Progammmers, Consultants, Administrators, but still needs funding
I totally agree with ur brother..I'venot seen any governmental online service to trust!!!!!!!!!
It's a long way to go till we reach something respectful in this aspect(IT)