It wasn't a good day

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Umm.. I feel somehow disappointed. My day wasn’t that good. I had another interview today, which didn’t go that well. Plus, I was looking forward to meet a couple of friends, but it was cancelled.

But you know what, in the middle of the interview I was wishing not to be accepted. The whole thing wasn’t promising. To start with, the interviewer came about an hour late! That was enough for me to go away and never come back. But I waited!

During that hour I waited there, I don’t know why I felt I’m in one of those governmental organizations. The interview wasn’t held in a professional way at all. Then he turned it into a technical exam, and gave me a task to do, though I should be notified about that before I go to the interview.

I don’t like such surprises, I wasn’t in the mood to do it, and that confused me somehow. I was stuck with a very trivial thing that wasn’t working. I thought, ok, that’s the end of it, I don’t wanna work here, I want to get out immediately from here.

I asked the interviewer to check what I’ve done. He said “you didn’t complete the task”. I said yes, and told him that I’m stuck with something. He gave me a hint about it, and asked me to complete. He told me I need to come and find you did something that shows that you are with the very good grade. At the moment, the child inside me was about to burst into tears. I kept holding myself as much as I can. I would have really looked funny!!

The surprising part was, I finished the rest of the task in no time. Seems that he provoked me that much to the extent that he aroused my stubbornness and persistence. Anyways, he told me that I might start training there, and I’ll be getting a call within this week.

I’m confused, despite the fact that I didn’t like the whole atmosphere there, I feel I should go, at least I might get experience.
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  At 7/26/2005 11:42:00 PM Anonymous Someone said:
It is ten times easier for a man with a job to get another job than it is for someone unemployed to connect..

Take any available chance, until something (~~~~) related comes up.

~~~~ = you fit in

Being confused once you got examined. Once this is your first time to apply for a job in an organaization, Most probable you will be examined then the interview comes after.

Be ready then...
Umm.. well it's my second time to apply. And the first interview I had wasn't like that.

Plus, whenever there is a technical exam, I should be informed. At least to be ready.

Anyways, it was a lesson for me to be ready all the time :D That's the way I learn.
  At 7/27/2005 12:23:00 AM Anonymous Someone said:
Next time you will be informed about an interivew, just ask the one who will call you many questions; Is it an interview or a test? Who will be the interviewer?the Organization name, address,and fianly date and time..!!

Good luck :)
Yeah.. I'll do that.. thanks for the wish and the tip :)
  At 7/27/2005 12:27:00 AM Anonymous Someone said:
You are welcome, Any time.. :)
Sometimes provoking leads a person to have persistence. Not all people are like you. Some react negatively and some positive, which was your case. I honestly have no clue what ur field is, but whatever it is if u really feel that you can learn something, and gain experience in that place go ahead, at least give it a try. but u feel total discomfort, why burden yourself. Do what you feel will be of good impact on you and where u will be of good output.
Good luck
mmm...yes , I agree with someone, don't miss the chance, u won't lose anything if u tried.
and if it didn't go well..then at least u'll learn something, I'm sure of this part..whatever u r facing in life teaches u a lesson.
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