Thursday, July 28, 2005

I’m not in a good mood. Bored to death, and very lazy to do anything. All I’m doing is sleeping and eating, I guess my weight is increasing exponentially.

Though I’ve got plenty of things to do, but I’m just lazy to do anything! Have a number of books to read, hand crafts to finish, and some exercises to do. But doing nothing.

Is it that thing that was cancelled today the reason for that?! Umm.. may be. I just wish that it’s not cancelled forever!
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Mmmm... I think that "watched pot never boils".
Meaning that if keep reminding urself for the thing u r waiting for u'll be more impatient , just distract ur mind for a while and start reading, grasp the book and read..or start ur needle work and hand craft.
Finally, I wish u good luck in everything (F)
That's one thing about being a male, I can get as lazy as I want with no worries about weight :p

But seriously, nothing is ever cancelled forever, you never know....
Plus, it's up to you what you do during the wait. _You_ can make it as enjoyable or as unbearable as you want it to be. The time will pass anyway but the choice is yours.