Thursday, August 04, 2005

Had a terrible interview yesterday. Everything about it provoked me. Starting from people who don’t respect time, they don’t respect the interviewee. Plus, silly questions, from silly people, in a silly atmosphere. The whole thing was a complete disaster. That was my second interview in that place, after a previous horrible one.

Why am I doing that to myself?! May be coz I don’t want to miss an opportunity, may be to know how will the interview go. The one thing I’m sure of, even if I got a job offer there, I definitely won’t accept it. If I did, there must be something wrong in my head.

Had another interview today in a different place. A very nice place, and nice people. The complete opposite of that one I had yesterday. Still I have to go through two more interviews.

Then came the time for something I was waiting for it for about a month and a half. Surprisingly, I wasn’t able to utter a single word. Had a lot inside to say. But words just don’t come out. About an hour of silence was too much for me. Yes, it was me who asked for that, but words just evaporated. Finally a conversation started, to be shocked to know that I’m the most selfish person who ever existed. To know that I’m hurting one of the nearest people to me isn’t easy. A horrible feeling that I had at that moment. Wanted to vanish from the whole world.

Thank God, things ended somehow in a friendly way, but I wonder if things will go back to normal or not. It’s only time that will decide.

After I was done with that meeting, I had another meeting with a group of very interesting people. More will be coming about that meeting later.
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listen moon, i am actually triggered by the 'meeting with ur friend paragraph'. Is this the 'waiting thing, right'. Well, there is definetly something wrong with communication issues this month or these past 3 weeks or so. SOmething is wrong.

I’m the most selfish person who ever existed.' this too happened to me. But now I am thinking, this takes 2 to do it. the commuication issue is up in the air. u unable to say what u mean and he/she unable to communicate the right message...and thus the true message disappears in teh middle...

is there an element of truth in what i am saying???
I find the best advise for interviews is to be energetic (show your energy), think of it lightly (that is the hardest), and be optimistic. You are much better than alot of other people. They're just a bunch of people who might not even know what they're asking you about. You could very well know more than them, and be much better than they are. They can't always judge you.
I think you should choose a place you like when accepting a job. There's so much that can go wrong afterwards, that at least in the beginning you should be comfortable there! You will spend most of you time there, you might as well enjoy it (at least during breaks)!
Haal, what u said is unfortunately true. It’s all about lack of communicating the right message. But I guess we are in the beginning of communicating well. I just wish that no more wrong communication happens, coz it’s really painful for both sides. Plus, sometimes a bit of pride interferes in the middle, though it’s not it’s place!

Mohamed, thanks for the advice, I’m following it.

Kayla, sure I must be comfortable there, just the idea of me going to that place irritates me. And I won’t allow that to happen to me.
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Don't be upset about the interviews and how they went. I hope you find great luck and joy soon :)

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I always get very stressed out and nervous over job interviews. I probably shouldn't, because I've gotten an offer from most of them. I found out after the fact that they had been trying to fill the position I took on my last job for over 2 years, and they were willing to settle for somebody much less qualified than I was. They would have offerred me the job no matter how badly messed up the interview! And I was sweating so much too. Oh well.

Good luck on your job hunt! I may be in the same boat soon, I'm starting to feel like it's time for me to move on and get myself some change of environment at work.

That uncomfortable conversation you mentioned, that sounds like a love life issue. I've had that happen before too... a burning desire to get something resolved but, when the time comes, just finding myself at a complete loss for words. It's like the issue is to big for me to figure out how to express myself. Hopefully, you will find your way through this better than I did :)
Thanks Marwa for dropping by :) I'll be visiting your blog.

Programmer craig, thank you for the wish. Actually, it’s not a love issue, rather it’s a friendship issue. And I guess we found our way through it, just hope we won’t lose it once again.
Now that u opened ur hearts to each other , I don't think u 'll lose it again, cause I believe that if there's love there's always a way.
Friendship is very's not easy to find these days.

As for interviews, keep going ...don't lose it up..u never know where the chance is ...just keep on searching's hidden somewhere :), Good Luck
don't get upset, you know, since I was 19 I went to more than 20 different interviews, I wasn't planning to joing any of those jobs because I was still a student and in engineering so I was going for fun, but actually I went there for more than fun

first I wanted there because I wanted to be more confident and that is one profit I got, the other one because I wanted to know how things go in the real world, what they require and that was the second great profit

I have to notice now that all those things were not of much effect for me later as I joined my current work directly throught the direct choice of my prof in university, I love that but I don't regret the long days I spent wenting to interviews, I was exploring the real world, don't you think so ?