"What are my bad traits?" She asked..

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Yesterday I was talking with my cousin .. she is about to be 17.. and she asked me the usual question I used to ask myself at that age.. She asked “What are the bad things you see in me?”. I kept silent for a while, and there was something up in my mind going. Yeah.. it has been sometime since I last asked that question, whether to myself or to people.. and I thought why was that?!

Anyways, back to my cousin, I answered her question saying I view nothing bad about you.. and that was really what I thought, it wasn’t a compliment. Then, I asked her about how other people did answer that question.. knowing inside what kind of answer I’ll be receiving.. and yes, it was as I expected.

She said that her friends think that she is too quiet, introvert, rational, not easy going and she summed that up saying they think of me as their mother who keeps telling them do this and don’t do that.

I smiled and said, and who told you that these would be considered as bad qualities in a person!! I used to have the same qualities.. and back then at that time.. I used to think of them as bad ones as well. But as time went by, and as I got to understand and learn about how things go in life.. I learnt that they are good qualities rather than bad ones.

We ended the discussion.. but the question kept lingering in my mind, why being quiet and not talking that much is considered as a drawback in one’s character?!

I learnt not to care about how people think of me.. but still, I won’t like it for them to take that bad impression about me, only coz I don't talk.
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You try to talk... they say you are talktive.

You try to listen... they say you are boring.

Never mind them my dear... U can NEVER satisfy them... That is the question!!