How did it start..

Sunday, February 27, 2005
Well.. I’m still new to this blogging thing… and kind of lost here..

Anyways, it’s not what I’m gonna be telling u about.. let me tell u how this thing started with me..

About a week ago.. I came across one of my friends blog.. and it was the first time for me to know what is that thing.. to be frank.. I wasn’t that much interested.. but came another friend of mine who insisted that I should be making my own blog.. I thought okay.. why not give it a try..

And here it is.. I started browsing other blogs.. and somehow I’m getting interested..

Won’t be giving u much of a headache.. just a final thing..

Thanks to my friends.. bluelue & Shex..
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tab ya moony.. ma link lel blog bta3na keda 3al mashy ;) .. 5ali el trafiic tzeed wenabi...

ana el blog bta3i mesha7ar comments :D :D
Enty to2mory ya bluelue ;).. I wanted to do that.. bas u know.. I hate HTML.. anyways, check it now, I've added the link ;)
hehehehe.. greedy blue.. greedy blue..

thanks moony.. mowah