Delaying my work as usual

Tuesday, March 01, 2005
Don’t have much of a time to blabber.. but still felt like writing smth here..

As usual.. I’ve had a lot to do today.. but done nothing.. wasting my time doing nothing :S

Seems I’m not capable of getting over that habit of delaying my work.. well.. I’ve got an unfinished assignment which I don’t know how to do it.. I really tried.. but as usual don’t understand a thing...

What else.. well.. I’ve got that report that I’m doing with my friends.. it was delayed as well.. u know what I hate about it.. I don’t like that karwata thing especially when there r other people with me.. ya3ny.. when it’s my report.. akarwetha bra7ty.. kolo 3ala dma3’y ana :D.. don’t take that bad image of me.. ana mesh bakarwet 3ala tool.. it’s only when I don’t want to do anything.. wish I’d be getting over that mood soon.

Got to sleep now.. nighty nighty ;)
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