I'm sorry to disappoint you

Sunday, March 27, 2005
Since I got to know about blogs, I’ve been addicted to it and browsing different blogs, and I must say I got loads of information and knowledge out of these blogs.. knew about new things.. and felt people’s experiences.

Then I came back to my blog and thought.. I have that powerful tool in my hands which I’m not making a good use of it.. I’m not adding something new, nor giving people new information, or something interesting to read.. and to be honest, that irritated me a lot, and felt my passivity is getting over me..

Anyways, just for the coming 3 months or so, don’t expect much of that blog, it will only be about that narrow circle of my personal affairs.. if that’s okay with you, then, you are welcome to drop by every now and then.. if it’s not.. then I’m sorry to disappoint you, and see u in 3 months time if I’m still alive.
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All i see here is that you are sharing the core of urself.. ur thoughs... nothing is more important to the world or that.... all the civilizations that ever existed were built on thougts... dont underestimate ur own mind moon.........
I second you on that, A.Z.

That's what blogs for my dear Moon..
You & Only You

A thought that came across your mind, a line that attracted your eyes or even a single word that kept echoing in your head for a day might worth the world for someone out there
Hey Az, it's nice seeing you here :)

I'm thankful for your words AZ and Shex.. may be I was just feeling down a little bit.. I don't know.. but I assure you.. I'll be always here sharing my thoughts with my friends.
it's a pleasure dear to read ur thoughts :) make me happy and post more "wink"
c moon.. i have an exam tomorrow.. but i just couldnt hold myself... logging here.. writting some of the ultimate stupidity of mine.. and click POST..

it is a magical way in getting you off any downs u r going thru..

and by the way.. WHOEVER SAID.. you have to post information to make ur blog useful?!!
in fact, i LOVE this way better.. u know.. u can get information in any book or refrence... but personal matters.. is hard to find

anyways.. i gota hurry.. i have an exam :S
  At 4/04/2005 01:10:00 PM Anonymous Satyr.. said:
hey guys, um goin to kill maself soon, moonlight, just gimme the fire of knowing how to make such blog? i don't know how to do such thing, but it's realy charming, torrents of enchantment, i got alot to say to anyone, don't tell me techniqually what does it do? but draw me that, or sing it to me, I'll vivsit your blog soon to see how far u care, don't get your self thinner! post me at the smae article
satyr.. no need to kill urself..
just take a second and go to www.blogger.com .. there u can make a blog in less than 2 mins..

we'll b waiting 2 read from u