The Ignorant Me..

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Umm.. well it has been a while since I wanted to write this entry here.. but I don’t know why it took me such long time.. may be I was busy, may be I couldn’t formulate what I want to write, may be I thought it doesn’t matter what I write here..

But here I am.. finally writing it down.

Think with me.. what would it take a person to discover his/her ignorance.. unfortunately it took me some time to discover that fact.. I never thought of myself as that wise person, nor that ignorant person.

I was happy and satisfied with the little amount of knowledge I have.. I didn’t ask for more.. but it all happens unintentionally.. u come across things u never knew that they exist, or u never knew you would come across them.

Sometimes I think that I do know and understand how life is going around.. but it’s only then when I discover how much I was fooling myself.. and know that I might be the most ignorant person on Earth.

But a final question that I have.. Would we consider ignorance as a bliss?!!
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Defintely yes!!

Or I'd use the term Knowledge is a heavenly curse...
Pretty unique, isn't it?!! :-P

Anyhow, I meant that it's a curse as it drives you for more all the time. You can never get satisified. You can never say Enough!!
And above all; the more you know, the more unanswered-questions you face. Questions that can/will drive you crazy.

Bottom line..
Ignorance is a bliss.. But only if you dare!!
Yeah.. the more I know the more unanswered questions I have, which sooner or later will drive me crazy.

Do I dare to be ignorent?! I wish I could..