Conferences.. Conferences..

Monday, March 07, 2005
Today I was supposed to attend the last day of the second International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Information Systems (ICICIS).
It’s was organized by our faculty. But unfortunately I overslept and didn't go.

I thought no problem.. I’ve attended it yesterday.. and the benefit was nothing. Thinking about that, brought me to another question.. why do I care that much and attend such conferences, though I know that the moment the session ends.. I remember nothing of what was said!! So why do I attend?! Is it coz I don’t like missing things?! But still I attended, I got nothing, and I wasted my time.

It has been always the case for me.. I don’t know what to choose and what to leave.

But u know.. there is smth else that irritated me in that conference specifically. Our beloved professors made it obligatory for us to attend.. hehe.. they said they are gonna take the attendance there :S
What is that?!! Is it a matter of filling spaces with us and that’s it?!! why make a conference in the first place, and there is no benefit out of it.. what a mentality!!
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thats how its going all the way in Cairo ya moony..
i shall never forget my uncle's talks about a demo..
since he is working in a governmental institute.. his mangers obliged all high rank employees to join that thing with a promotion as well!!!
while young employees SHOULD attend balooshi..
and it was shot on TV!!!

like those bloody professors, who are dead sure, they are HATED by students.. and insist on taking attendence...

i guess they take it as 3ezwa... or to add some position and power spieces to their boring, tastless lives..
Unfortunately it’s really the case ya bluelue.. talking about these conferences and lectures that r supposed to be activities for the students, it’s only now I knew why no one attend such things.