Sunrise & Sunset..

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Ever watched sunrise and sunset?! Guess most of people did.. so if u watched it before.. did u enjoy it?! and if u did, why was that?! Did it remind u of smth, does it resemble one of ur philosophies?!

Thinking deep about sunrise & sunset.. found that a sun’s life is the same as that of a human’s life.. how is that?!

Well.. try to go anywhere where people keep waiting for the sun to rise.. let’s say on the beach for example. U would find a lot of people waiting for that newly born sun.. on the other side.. it’s time for the birth of that human, a baby that is. U would find a lot of people awaiting him as well.

Many people r waiting for that newly born.. be it the sun or the baby!

The baby was born.. the baby is growing up.. same goes for the sun.. the sun rose.. the sun is going up high in the sky..

Rarely u could find people who notice either of them in that process of growing. That newly born baby who was welcomed by all those people is now going through his life, with very few people around.. so does the sun.. it’s up there in the sky.. and few are noticing it..

The baby was born.. the baby grew old.. the baby is on his way to departure this life.. so does the sun.

Now, it’s time for the sunset.. let’s go again to the beach.. u would find the same people.. may be less may be more.. but, they r all gathered for one reason.. they r watching the sun going.. same goes for our baby, who became an old human being.. it’s time for that human to departure life.. people who never knew that he exists.. are there saying goodbye..
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Just as sweet... as innocent... as deep as always :-)

Plz, Keep on drawing that smile on my face with your words as long as you can.

We are sharing the same void afterall... ;-)
I 2nd shex by the way...
so moony.. where are u..?!

we r ALL in the same void.. but never meet..