It's out there in my dreams..

Sunday, February 27, 2005
Dreaming was one of the difficult things for me to do.. I’ve always been that kind of a practical person who have no place for dreaming and that fancy world.. it’s either I have it.. I see it.. or else never think of it..

I’ve been that stone hearted person.. who always talk facts.. never had that taste for imagination.. always viewed life as 1+1 = 2.. life has always been in that digital form it’s either zero or one..

But as time went by.. and as I started to understand.. and have a different view of the world around.. I started to feel that I’m missing smth out there.. I’m imprisoning myself within these facts I was taught.. life is not like that..

Started dreaming.. found that it’s not hurting.. on the contrary, it was very much of help.. I’ve had my own world of dreams, a world were everything is settled according to the way I want it.. it’s among my dreams where I find peace of mind.. where I find myself.. where I find what I can’t find in the real world..

Why give myself much of a hard time.. when I’ve got it all.. it’s out there in my dreams..
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Really nice blog...
and MLS, ya3ni it's very hard living a life with no dreams! I'm glad that you realised that you can dream and that it doesn't "hurt"

Well, i better toddle off, i would've loved to stay longer and comment more, but i have to wake up early to do a gazillion things! EEK! hehe...

Ta ta :D
Hey *~$&!~* .. Thank u for dropping by and taking the time to comment.. I'm glade u liked the blog :-).. Wish to see u here often..
i love it tooo mony...

i guess i am having ur very same dreaming/realistic problem..

but tell ya what!!.. i stopped even thinking abt it...

if i like myself this way.. then i will go on w 5alas ;) ;)
Yeah bluelue.. it's best thing to do.. being oneself.
Of course nothing is like dreaming, u have the world in the perfect way u want it to be like. ur life in ur dreams are mostly happy but still u can enjoy sorrow dreams it gets ur passion out.
what proves to me that we were born free that no power in this world could ever stop our minds from dreaming or thinking wat so we ever want to think and dream of.

dream u r just another person in another life with different ppl and even u can create the dialogues between u and them.

Dreaming is free why not use that option !!

and dreaming is good for will , it gives u a hope and motive to move forward.