Human Reason Vs. Objectivity

Monday, April 04, 2005

This human reasoning has bothered me a lot.. Being a person who is convinced by any logical thoughts.. I find myself convinced by all points of views for a certain issue as long as they are logical.. even if they might be contradicting.

I try my best to be objective, for me this means being open to any kind of thoughts, even if they might be contradicting my own thoughts.

It’s known that by exposing oneself to different experiences, different opinions, and different issues.. A person can build his own thoughts and his own reason. He picks that piece from here, add to it that piece from there, and mix them in his own way resulting at the end in his unique opinion.

But the same issue remains, do people manage to completely ignore the way they were brought up, ignore the ideas they learnt, ignore the way they used to think, ignore their background.. I believe they can’t.. coz these experiences are the only driver behind the thoughts and ideas of people.

If that’s right.. and people can’t ignore their previous experiences.. then I believe it’s very hard to reach objectivity based on human reason.
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