My last twenty something!

Monday, June 24, 2013
I'm stating it out and clear.. I HATE birthdays! I put very high expectations on this day for no logical reason.. I start thinking about it weeks before it comes, and I keep telling myself this year should be different.. I should learn the lesson from last year and not put high hopes on this day! But again and again this is the annual depression day.. The world keeps telling you this should be a special day with special celebrations, and I end up doing nothing..feeling more lonely and pathetic! It really hurts when you feel you are no one's priority.. I miss my mum more than ever on this day.. I remember how I used to wake up to find my gift wrapped in my room.. When I lost her, I lost my family, I lost the most precious thing in life.. And no, I'm not getting over it by time.. Instead, each single day that passes makes me miss her more!
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