Severe state of boredom

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
So.. here I am at work, since the early morning doing nothing!
I'm not able to concentrate at all.. there is a thing that is distracting me.. however, I'm incapable of putting my hands on it.. tried every possible way to distract myself and get myself to do something.. but nothing worked.. still I have this thing going in my head without being able to put my hands on it.!

My productivity this week is zero! My manager is out of office and there is nothing urgent to do.. fa I'm kinda lazy..

I need to settle down.. know what I want and work for getting it.. instead of living life without a specified goal.. I'm just living day by day.. I'm getting bored easily to a very strange extent..

I can't stand doing the same thing for more than couple of minutes.. even if I'm listening to something that I like, and I'm enjoying it.. I just find myself skipping to the next track!!

Tried to do new things and activities.. but all didn't work.. even the art classes.. it seemed boring for me..

Even going to the cinema.. I think I'll lose interest in the movie from the first quarter of an hour.. and I'll leave..

The only thing that I'm doing is eating.. and not any kind.. it's sweets & chocolate..

At times I feel that I need to talk.. but I just can't find anything to say.. because there is nothing.. nothing is happening.. nothing to talk about..
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