Sad News

Sunday, November 26, 2006
Supposedly this post was going to be about my weekend trip which I enjoyed very much.. however, the moment I entered Cairo bad news welcomed me one after the other.. as a result was terribly out of mood today.. crying without a clear reason.. I was just triggered by my colleague asking what was wrong, and I just found tears rolling down.. don’t know what is it exactly that had an effect on me.. the moment I started telling him what’s wrong, I found myself crying.. that was weird, never did that at work.. kept all day like that.. whenever someone asks what’s wrong, I find myself crying.. was really such a depressive person today..

But still unable to figure out why am I crying?! It’s not what happened, because I’m sure there is always a reason behind everything.. and no one knows what’s better.. so, I believe in that, however I’m feeling sad down inside.. may be because I wasn’t able to provide proper support.. well, that’s always me.. I’m lousy when it comes to emotional support especially in such cases.. and I’m always accused of being stone hearted..
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A lot of people don't really know to react on some situation. Or their reaction is misinterpreted. That in no way makes them stone hearted! Hope you feel better soon, Moon!
  At 11/27/2006 12:32:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
u?? stone hearted?!! I second alina, being unable to act properly under certain circumstances doens't mean that u r stone hearted at all. cheer up missie :D
This is my first visit to your blogg if you don't mind , and from these few posts I say you are a sensitive person and completely the opposite of stoned heart if you allow me to say so, by the way lovely blogg.