Thursday, November 16, 2006
As a child, I used to look at older people as my role model.. used to think that all people who are older than I am are right..

Definitely on top of that list were my parents and teachers.. for me, they were never wrong, they sure know more than I do.. in addition was people on T.V. don’t know why, but I used to think that any one who has the privilege to be on T.V. must be Mr./Ms. perfect.

I’m not the kind of person who asks questions.. I have them popping in my mind, but I never ask them.. I wait till I manage knowing the answers myself..

As days went by, my assumptions turned out to be wrong.. not all elder people are right, people on T.V. aren’t always Mr./Ms. perfect.. can’t deny I was shocked with these conclusions.. but it only reflected that I was getting to understand the surrounding world better..

Measuring on this, same happens with everything in my life.. I always suppose the good intentions.. I always give people excuses for whatever actions they do.. however, most of the time I get shocked in these assumptions I had..

My parents remained on the top of my perfect people list.. not because they are my parent’s.. but it was the way I viewed all parents in the world.. if you are a parent then you are a good person.

Growing older, I realized that even that rule wasn’t right, still there are parents who kill, steal, bribe, etc..

So.. I came out with a conclusion, that my parents might not be goog role models as I thought.. they have their pros and cons.. they don’t know it all.. their own experience isn’t a rule that I should follow, on the other hand, I should challenge these rules..

I was not happy realizing that.. sometimes I feel it would have been better if I didn’t realize it.. at least would have trusted all the rules and concepts I’ve been following and putting a base for myself..

I’m not standing anywhere.. my parents aren’t always right.. they just enforce their own experience and thoughts on me.. and that’s something I refuse..
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It's a really disturbing realization to make but I think everyone makes it. Mine was in regards to religion, life decisions and stuff. I always thought my parents were perfect, perfect religiously, life planned out perfectly etc and then it hit me one day that they'd made mistakes, that they got scared, that they have regrets. It was probably the scariest moment of my life as I realised that there is no ideal, no perfect pattern to work to. Life has no rules. In a way it was quite liberating and it did make me understand my parents much more and how hard life must be for them also.