Tuesday, November 21, 2006
They sit together.. daydream.. and come up with some imaginary dreams.. and then we are asked to fulfill these dreams!!

At times I really feel I dislike managers.. I’m afraid I’m getting to be a judgmental person.. but I can’t help it.. they really get on my nerves when they keep taking decisions and committing us to deadlines we know that we don’t have enough resources to fulfill..

I hate it when it’s my manger who is supposed to take a certain decision, and I just find myself asked to take that decision instead..

So.. I’m taking and working according to a decision that is built on incomplete information.. and I’m not able to get the complete information I need.. and I don’t understand a lot of stuff!

There is a huge gap in communication.. but nothing to be done about it.. and I hate passive managers..
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True, managers can sometimes be a pain! But for some reason they are necessary at times. Good luck with coping, Moon!
Managers can be a bless (not really bless bas ya3ni mashi 7alhom) or a curse ... good luck sweetie. ya3ni take it as a learning experience.
Yes Alina they are necessary when they do their proper job.. but I'm in no need for a manager who doesn't know how to properly take decisions and defend his team memebers..

Nesrina, thanks a lot dear :) I'm doing my best to lear out of everything.. I just hope that I don't give up at a certain point!