22 years ago..

Friday, June 23, 2006

22 years ago, I was brought to that world..
22 years ago, I was just a small little thing who barely opened her eyes..
22 years ago, I was clueless why am I here.. and still I am..
22 years ago, I had no worries, I knew nothing, and I guess I was happy..
22 years ago, I never knew what will become of me after 22 years..

Here I am.. after 22 years.. still clueless.. still crawling.. would I be the same after another 22 years?! I just wonder!

This morning I was thinking, why should a person be happy on his/her birthday?! What is it that special about that day?! Is it because it’s marking my arrival to this world?! Or, it’s celebrating my achievements through these years?! Or, it’s just a special day for a person on which he/she feels they are special, and people try to make them happy..

Just wondering.. since, it seems that the month of June this year is not bringing me any good news.. on the contrary, it was full of unhappy events.. full of work load.. and it just reminds me that I can’t have a summer vacation!

Even the day, couple of weeks ago, I was checking which day of the week will it be, coz I thought I might take it a day off. But to complete how that month started, it turned out that it’s gonna be Friday, it’s already a day off.. people are busy with their families on Fridays and others are not in Egypt.. My friends tried playing around all these circumstances and they made their best to celebrate my birthday.. wouldn’t have needed more than that..

Trying my best to let go of all the negative thoughts I’m having.. trying to be happy for people around me..

My friends, I’m really grateful :)
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Happy, Happy Birthday, Moon! May all your wishes, no matter how silly, come true! Hope you get the best out of today!
i'm turning 24 on the 24th and i gotta say in general that the entire month wasn't good for me too

there's nothing special about birthdays, it's another excuse to gather people around you and make you feel good about yourself as well as important, unless of course your friends happen to be assholes or busy then it's an excuse to sulk and gloom

happy birthday to us :D
Alina, thank you :)

Kareem, happy birthday to you.. it sounds nice (turning 24 on the 24th).. next year I'll be turning 23 on the 23rd..
Concerning my friends.. they are the best friends ever.. they have already celebrated my birthday.. it only seems that I'm a gloomy person.
Happy Birthday sweetie :), the number of years really has no significance what so ever what matters the most is how we live them ...
All the best.
Thank you ya Nesrina :)
Sorry this is late, but Happy Birthday.
Insha Allah, there will be less sadness this year.

Only 22?! So young Moon, really you are. There will be so many good times ahead of you, insha Allah
Safiya, thank you :) it's late better than never :)

I'm just hoping and wishing for the good times..