Work Load :'(

Sunday, June 25, 2006
Haven’t been feeling good lately.. one week passed and another one to come, yet, nothing will change after the coming week as well.. it’s only he won’t be abroad, but he will not be back.

I’m feeling very pressured.. having tons of work load, can’t do anything about it.. sometimes I feel like escaping the whole thing and doing nothing.. but I can’t.. I have to finish.. I hate to work while being pressured.. sometimes I feel like I wish to disappear.. I hate hearing a ringing phone.. I hate seeing that pop up announcing an incoming email.. I know they only have problems and extra work!

Sometimes I feel I’m more fragile than handling all this on my own.. sometimes I feel I’m weak, I need someone to support me.. I miss that.. I miss being supported..
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Salaam Moon,
Try to take a step back before it gets too much. Do whatever it takes to look after yourself.

You're worth more then any job.
  At 6/27/2006 03:58:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Is it the workload...or the support u are missing?? my guess is it is the second one. Dear, life is full of ups and gotta endure the downs to get through the ups. is tough...but believe me things will eventually get better. Why don't you take a few days off??
Safiya, I'm not strong enought to take that step back.. I sometimes try to endure thinking that's better.. but I wonder if it is!

Nermeena, I guess it's both, may be if the same work load in the presence of someone wouldn't have been that tough.
I personally wish for only one day off, but that's impossible currently, coz we are having a huge workload ya3ny I'm taking weekends bel 3afya :(