Birthday week.. Birthday surprise

Saturday, June 17, 2006
Woke up yesterday.. filling in water to go water my plants.. to be surprised by a new four orange Gerberas.. was very happy to see them.. and in few days there will be a new rose on my roses tree.. though I was not in the mood, but seeing them kind of lifted the mood up..

At noon, I had a plan with my friends to go out, since it has been a while since we last had an outing together.. plus, that past week wasn’t a pleasant one for any of us.. my friend called at the morning telling me that we will meet at Korba then decide where are we gonna go, and I asked who will be joining, and she told me A. and Sh.

At the meeting point, I was surprised to find other people than those she told me are coming. Actually at that moment I was not in the mood.. was totally feeling down.. and was not prepared to have an outing except for the four of us A, Sh and S.

I realized that the number of people is even increasing! Didn’t want to complain about it.. and thought I gotta get myself out of this mood. Then they decided to go to ceramic café, and guess what, I was the only objecting person, well, don’t know actually why did I object.. but anyways, we finally decided it’s ceramic café.

We went there, and let me tell you I had the best surprise ever!!

All my friends were there.. it was a surprise birthday party for me and A. since our birthdays are on the same week, and there were a very reasonable reasons to have a week earlier ;)

I paused for a moment trying to realize what’s happening.. I was definitely surprised and happy at the same time. They exactly made everything I wished for my birthday.. as if they were reading my mind! The place I wanted, the people I would have loved them to be there.. it was really amazing :)

And they really managed to make it a real surprise.. I hadn't a tiny clue about what was going on.. they actually did me the best birthday.. it’s enough that they really knew what I wanted.. and they fulfilled it ;)

The mood was changed 180 degrees.. I was the happiest ever.. I really can't find proper words to reflect how I was feeling..

A very big Thank You goes to all my friends..

Zee, Rain & Ahmed, Shimo, Justin, Kunoichi, Ryu, Rana, Mandarina, Tahra, Amany, H. & R.

A., my friend who is elder by 3 days, Wish you a Happy Birthday..

H., Thank you for coming, and being part of it.. I appreciate it veryyyyy much :)
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Dearest Moon,
nothing really is more precious than seeing u happy...wish u always be happy my friend (F)and sister ;)
MOOON.. i didnt know that
kol sana w enti tayba ya benti
u deserve all the best always and always
i am TRUELY happy for you :) the energy here ya Moon...kol sana wenti tayeba "in advance"...I remember the day kwayes awi ;) kiss
How lovely! I'm glad you had a nice time after the past few weeks.

That Rain is a very nice girl indeed ;)
Rain, thanks a lot my friend, u really made me the happiest :)

Blue, wenty tayeba, btw, still my birthday didn't pass yet :)

Nerro, wenty tayeba ya gamil :)

Safiya, yeah thank God, it made up for the past weeks :)
Happy Birthday sweetie,so glad u had a good time :)
wish u happy birthday and to make my post special as all who are sending are known.wish u find out why u are here.wish u feel everyone out there.wish u being human in that mad crowded world
Moon, I;m so glad to hear you've had such a great time! You are indeed blessed with great friends. I wish you to enjoy all following birthdays as you have enjoyed this one!
Nesrina, Alina, Eye.. Thank you :))