It’s vacation time

Wednesday, June 14, 2006
It’s like these days every year that used to mark the start of the summer vacation.. definitely, it used to be the best days ever. Just finishing exams, having all the plans for a fruitful summer vacation..

I can very well remember how I used to daydream about my vacation during exams.. it used to be the best plans I can ever come up with.. whether I fulfill them or not was not a big issue.. I enjoyed daydreaming..

Unfortunately, I no more have these daydreams.. actually, I don’t even have time to daydream. About a week ago, my cousin, who is in 5th primary was telling me that she took her vacation.. I spontaneously told her I’m waiting for mine.. then I paused for a second and realized the bitter truth.. I will no longer have these summer vacations!! It was nothing new.. but seems that I just forgot about that fact.

Going out in the streets.. you can feel there is something.. yeah, vacations is here.. all are saying that.. but I’m not feeling it.. I’m missing that feeling!
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I've stopped having these vacations after my first university vacation as I started workin. Yup, I did miss them every summer, I still do, and now, after about 3.5 years of school combined with full time job I am day dreaming of I time when I'd earn enough to take a prolongued summer vacation...A month would do, I am sure...
I can't even remember that summer vacation feeling, it's been that long since I had one.

Oh, to work less hours for more money!
The summer vacation was not only a vacation for me.. it was kind of breaking the routine.. ending an academic year and anticipating for the coming one. However, now, I feel it’s just an endless loop that I’ll be living my life in..
I got my first real job after I finished grad school and it felt SO WRONG to be working over the summer. I was so disoriented. Thankfully I now work as a teacher and June, July, and August will be favorite months once again!
You know, one of my reasons for wanting to be a teacher was to take the summer vacation :D

However, I'm not working as a teacher, though I think it's gonna be my next career.