Tuesday, June 13, 2006
The day started by waking up a little bit late.. wasn’t planning what to wear.. then I decided on the dark blue skirt with the light blue jacket.. after I went out.. I remembered that he has a dark blue trousers.. and a light blue shirt.. didn’t know what brought that thought to my mind.. while entering my office.. I thought, he will be wearing them today.. opened the door.. and to my surprise.. yes, he was wearing them.

Don’t know what would that mean.. but I was happy about it..

The rest of the day went fine.. boring at work.. but it was ok..

We were planning for an outing.. it was cancelled, then we re-planned it.. and yeah.. we were going out.. on the way for picking up a friend.. out of no where I found I’m having an accident.. was very shocked to react.. and I guess I wasn’t in the mood to have an argument..

It was over, the outing was cancelled.. went home in a bad mood.. but thank God I’m better now.
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Glad u r feeling better ya Moon. as for the outfits ...u reminded me of the college years when I used to have a blue jeans and a dark blue polo shirt and he had the same items ... I was thrilled one day when we were both wearing them at the same day... thanks for bringing up the beautiful memories.
Glad I did bring up beautiful memories :)