Saturday, June 10, 2006
That’s the new thing about me. I’m being impatient. I haven’t been like that before. I realized that I’m loosing my patience and temper easily.. can’t continue on doing one same thing for a long time. I even can’t complete reading anything. I barely pass through headlines, or even just go through pictures.

I start the day, just waiting for it to end, and have a new day. Nothing that I’m waiting for. But can’t tolerate having a day of 24 hours. I guess I became intolerant. Can’t tolerate to wait for anything. I just need the days to pass.. may be the coming days will bring me what I want.

One new thing as well.. I guess I’m starting to have memory leakage I hardly can remember anything for more than 1 minute.. I’m forgetting names.. I haven’t been like that either..
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  At 6/11/2006 03:40:00 PM Anonymous Someone said:
w b3dan hatwasally nafsek li ah?!