Am I being over-reacting?!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I’m really sorry my dear blog readers.. I’m gonna be bothering you a lot with self pity posts about what I’m going through.. I know that might sound boring.. but I need to vent it out.

If I were to write about how I was feeling about work two weeks ago, the following would have been what I’d write:

“I’m feeling that work became one major part of my life, I enjoy being there.. I hate my weekends, and I don’t mind staying late at work.. don’t mind being loaded, I don’t mind anything, I just love being there. I go home, promising myself that I’ll be back the next morning..”

I couldn’t believe myself when I felt that way.. never thought I’ll be that much attached to my work.. it happened. As much as I like it, as much as it pressured me more. Before, I didn’t care if I’m doing well in my work or not.. I didn’t care much. I was like, they don’t like my work, they fire me, and make everyone happy. I wasn’t keen on my work. However, the case changed, I became more attached to work, not imagining that one day I could leave.

Felt too much attached to people I’m working with.. couldn’t imagine that they will no longer be my colleagues.. a feeling that is very painful.

All the time I’m having flashbacks of certain situations.. of the fun we used to have being all together.. it’s distracting me. Can’t concentrate at work.. and could do nothing about it.

Unfortunately, I’m back to counting the hours and days.. I’m back to not wanting to wake up early in the morning just to pass another day at work. It’s becoming boring when he is not around! Even the one thing I was wishing for my birthday will not be fulfilled. Wished he was going to be around.. but he will be traveling..

Am I being dramatic about it?! Over reacting?! I don’t know.. but I can’t keep it inside.. it’s too much than I can keep..

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Girl, you've got it bad.
As thrilling and addictive as crushes are, once it starts to subside, you will feel very relieved.
Moon, I am sure you loved your work for several reasons, not just a certain "He". Yes, your feelings for him might have made it a lot more fun, but I am sure you can find some other fun aspects that you can concentrate on :)Best of luck and peace of mind!
its been ages i haven't visited your blog.. sorry dear :$ *u sure know my reasons*
missed you begad..
and one tiny secret i wana tell u, as i was running thru ur posts i felt like.. "man, she's going" i dont know.. but the other side of u is showing clear moon... i envy ur opening up on blog this way.. wish i'd b doing the same, except for the army who kows its my blog :| !!!

anyways, look moon, its not for a single person we'd lose hope in life.. i might look younger than u r. but know sure ya bnti , crushes if its one sided, is not born to live most of the times.. especially if u that kind of people who seek every possible way not to show anything on face..

as alina said, seek other reasons, you'd find.. i know u'd find..
after all when you joined work u didn tknow that "he" was there ;)
i know it might look different but anyways... put something in mind clearly.. no one of them rreally deserves a thing... really...

bye deaaarie .. mowah
Safiya, I think I'm doing my best to come over it.. guess I'm better than before..

Alina, I guess yeah, I have other stuff to enjoy.. but u could say I was suffering from a sudden blindness, couldn't see anything else.

Blue, sure I know your reasons :) glad u r back again :)
As for opening up.. guess that's why I have the blog.. though this way I'm risking that some people I know might read it though I don't want them to.. but at times u feel like u wanna talk and u don't care what will happen.

Safiya, Alina, and Blue.. thank you girls :)
  At 6/09/2006 10:22:00 PM Anonymous Someone said:
beyond your anecdote and its consequences, Take it easy on yourself and remember it is a matter of time!