Moon eating Sushi!

Friday, June 02, 2006
Yesterday we were having a birthday party for a friend who is fond of the Japanese culture. So, the decision was, it’s gonna be in a Japanese restaurant that serves Sushi.

I’ve always heard about Sushi, but it was my first time ever, to see it, and eat it! I was very curious to know how does it taste, I guess it’s very similar to the Korean food as well, and since I’m a big fan of the Korean drama Jewel in the palace, which it’s main theme is Korean food, so, that was a very good opportunity for me to try it.

Didn’t know what to choose, still, didn’t even know how is it served, how does it look like. My friends made their recommendations, and I followed them. After all, they are more experienced than me in how it tastes.

Here comes the food! I was like shocked! What is that am I gonna eat! So, they started giving advices on how should I eat the stuff in front of me. I had Salmon and Shrimps, and there was that green thing that I had to put in Soya sauce. That was followed by a long lesson on how should I hold the two sticks :D:D. I bet, all who were sitting there were laughing! But seriously I couldn’t make it and hold the sticks. Anyways, after managing the sticks, came the difficult part, tasting my first piece of Sushi. I started with the Salmon, put it in the sauce, then to my mouth!!

That was followed by a moment of silence, trying to understand what I’m having in my mouth! After which I felt like throwing out. Thank God I didn’t. Of course I had all these people laughing at how I looked.

Did Moon give up?!! No she didn't. They told me try the Shrimps, they claimed it’s better. After having some rest, I went on again trying the Shrimps, and it was no better than the first trial! Even the rice tasted very strange!

Well, I was determined to finish my plate, so, I had another one of Salmon, another one of Shrimp and that was it. Couldn’t complete it! I thought that I’ll be used to it, and will find it nice afterwards. But no way!!

Some of my friends were having all what you can eat plate, so I tried one piece of Crab, but still, it was the same. I kept watching them, and I was very surprised how happy they were eating it!!

I gave up my plate for my friends to eat, and thought, I’ll eat the birthday cake. Guess what?! I had my first piece of the cake, and felt a strange taste than I was expecting! It was yogurt!!! I ended up not eating anything :(

Despite all this, I was happy.. I like trying new things.. plus, I was happy seeing our friend happy.. I guess that what matters that day, making him happy.
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Moon, I can imagine you were very funny triying to eat sushi and not liking it :)

Anyway, it was nice of you to try for your friend!
LOL.. I guess funny is a small word for how I looked!! But still trying is good after all :D
I always wondered what sushi will taste like ,thanks for giving me a very encouraging signs!
Moon, it's hillarious... when I got to the cake's part, I couldn't hold the laughs ... my colleagues will think I went crazy.
I haven't tried sushi b4 but I guess crabs, shrimps and salmon are fine except for the green sauce :))
Night, it's always a matter of tastes.. u might like it, as others do.. I guess u gotta give it a shot one day and try it.

Nesrina, if it was normal crabs, shrimps and Salmon, that would have been fine.. the point is.. they are raw, or barely done.. I like my food well done, fa that was too much for me.. eating raw sea food!!