The Nokia 3310 rumor!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Haven’t you heard of it yet?! Let me tell you the story..

Yesterday a colleague at work told us that Mobinil are exchanging the Nokia 3310 with a new Nokia 6600 for free. The reason as mentioned was, using 3310 you could start a phone call having your SIM card in the phone, and after you start the call you could remove it and still complete the call without being charged for it!!!!

Felt something strange about it, and thought.. “Just another rumor”.

This morning, found someone calling me saying the rumor is true and she knows of people who already did the exchange but it’s from Raya, not Mobinil. Still wasn’t interested that much. I love my Mobile and I have that kind of a relation with it, plus, the 6600 is full of bugs. But, I was told that if I didn’t do this, I might be facing some legal issues and stuff!!

I thought, and why would I do that to myself. I go exchange it w 7’alas.

Still had that feeling of there is something wrong. But I declined it since I heard that thing from different sources and I heard of people who actually did it.

To be more certain about it, we tired the trick today at work.. and it worked. So, I thought it’s for real!

Today, after work, I went to Raya, full of regrets for giving away my mobile.. was very sad. Went there, and asked “I’ve heard of a certain rumor and I was wondering if it’s right or not?!” and the answer was as I expected “It’s a rumor”.

Great!! I won’t be giving away my mobile then. Thought I should make sure first that nothing is going wrong. Called the person who told me that this actually happened, and she told me that she heard that some other people tried and they were told it’s a rumor. I was like fine, no problem in that. But, she told me to check with Mobinil as well.

It was not a big deal, since there is a Mobinil customer service center near my home. Went in there and asked
Me: I’ve heard of a certain rumor and I was wondering if it’s right or not?!
The guy: you mean the 3310 thing?!
Me: yes
The guy: we’ve heard of it as well but it’s not from here!!
I wondered, then it’s true?!!
The guy: I’m not sure if it’s a rumor or not, but still I’m not responsible for exchanging the mobile.
I thank him and left.

I was happy.. I don’t have to give away my mobile..

Rumors work like magic here in Egypt!
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Rumours work even better when people think they could get something for free.

I think the 3310 is a nicer phone then the 6600 anyway. I used to have one and I gave it away and I haven't like a phone so much since.
Well, this is quite a rumour. But I do believe that if they were on the verge of loosign money on unpaid conversation, there would have been adds about getting your phone changed for free everywhere! :)
  At 5/24/2006 12:06:00 PM Anonymous Someone said:
Good stuff!

I like rumors that triggered you to write something downhere :-)

MobiNil perfectly needs hardwares & softwares to handle their services (Calls, Profiles, CLIP+, Subsribers, All Messaging services "SMS, MMS, Voice Mail, Notification msg, ...etc", Customer Care, Supervisioning, Statistics, Marketing, ..etc) so they had a contract with X comany, that I am working in, to handle all that. So based on personal experience, My Colleague and I processed such rumor into action by inserting a MobiNil SIM card into the office boy mobile (K) then checking the whole process and its effect on the database, So here goes..

* Dialling my mobile number (S) from the office boy mobile (K),
*Removing the (K) SIM card while (S) phone is ringing with the precauious of battery dislocated,
*(S) Accepted the call
*MobiNil database updated with a new record implying that a new call has been registered and payment done for the first minute,
*After 13 Sec, the call ended aburptly, and
*On (K) phone canvas a message poped saying, PLEASE INSERT SIM CARD.

So, No one can talk for free as the communication should be active between the SIM card (including the IMSI, MSISDN, TISMI, MSRN) and MobiNil Network (BTS, MSC, VLR, HLR, SSP,SDP,..etc)

Anyways, Stay around and nice music as usual..
Safiya, yeah I belive that the 3310 is better, at least for me.. I always have a passion for my stuff and couldn't give them away easily.

Alina, right you are.. I guess I was a little bit dumb to belive it anyway!

Someone, as always I'm glad you do like the music.

Concerning the rumor thing, the thing is, we(at work) tested it at well.. and it worked.. we called R from my phone, she answered we removed the SIM card, and the call continued without giving that error of "Please insert your SIM card". However, we tried it using another Nokia series, and after that 13 seconds it gave the error of enter your SIM card.
Actually it was that trial that made me belive it to a certain extent.
  At 5/26/2006 01:20:00 AM Anonymous Someone said:
I see now, That is why your mobile is precious, 2oltelly b2a...