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Friday, May 19, 2006

It has been a while.. don’t have a clear reason why I’ve been away.. may be busy.. or tired.. having an empty head.. or just disappointed from all what’s going around.. in conclusion, was not in the mood for writing. This happens a lot, I find ideas floating in my mind, but I can’t grab them and put them into words..

*Have been feeling tired all day long.. feeling dizzy and sleepy.. went for a quick shopping.. was almost dragging my legs to walk.. don’t like it when I’m feeling that way.

*If you enjoy being with someone.. does it mean that you love the person.. or it could be only that you connect at a certain point?!

*Two things that I hate.. when mum starts pinpointing the fact that I’m gaining weight.. well, yes I am, and I don’t like it, and it’s disappointing me. However, I’m not gonna do anything about it as long as she keeps saying this. Her talk only results in me eating more!

The other thing, when mum starts that talk of; “Where is my good girl?”, “You are no longer my little girl who obeys her parents”, “When you were younger you were a better person” etc…

She keeps going on and on.. and she doesn’t know that this only results in me being more stubborn. I only want to deliver a message of “I have a mind of my own, and I shouldn’t be thinking the same way you are”. They fail to understand this!

*Have always wondered, are we who we want to be, or who our parents wants us to be?!

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Good to have you back Moon!

I think we are the people we want to be who are able to appear as the people our parents want us to be. This skill becomes a lot easier when you don't live with them as you can then be more selective about what you tell them.

It is deeply annoying when people comment about your weight. My standard answer is "My body, my business".
Moon, parents always love their little kids, doing everything they're said and have a hard time aknowkledging the fact that you might want a separate life, an independent one.

As for the weight issue, you should only do what it's best for you, meaning that if you feel like working out and dieting, ok then. Such things should only be dicisions we take on our own.
  At 5/21/2006 12:08:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Concerning the question "If you enjoy being with someone,does it mean that you love the person?"
Well,no this doesn't mean so though @ sometimes we might think it means so..
Loving some1 means that u don't enjoy anything except being with that person .
Anything rather than that might just be admiration,friendship or connection @some point as u said.Or maybe thers is a kind of space that this person fills.
"If you enjoy being with someone.. does it mean that you love the person.. or it could be only that you connect at a certain point?!
My opinion is ... you can connect, love has more requirements and less rules.
nice blog ,, btw .. off topic

i stumbled on your blog by googling about jewel in the palace a.k.a dae jang geum a.k.a the great jang geum :)

from the minute i read about it wayyyy back when it was still broadcasting in Korea
and ever since it was on my radar, up until i managed to get the Original DVDs
( here are some snaps: )

it literally brought me to tears T_T
and its by far the greatest show i have ever seen .. a classic that's now spreading throw out the world
last I heard , Dae Jang Geum was sold to the Middle East on May 8
MEM (a top Jordan Distributor ) picked up the series from MBC
And other news ( not so new ) that the show was broadcasted in a lot of Countries ( including HK , Malaysia , Thailand , USA ) and I heard Iran is doing a dub in Faris

Jewel in the Palace is simple a smashing hit , a masterpiece of sorrow , tragedy , despair , and struggle

Yes I forgot to tell , I saw it twice , first time alone *____*

Second time with my family with me translating on the fly XD

Now , they want to watch it again and they want me to sit with them and translate it again XD

it'll mostly take us a couple of months to finish it again , but you can't beat the family atmosphere it creates ^_____^
Safiya, you know, I guess I'm very good in that skill of appearing as other people or as parents wants. However, at certain moments, you just wonder why am I doing that?! I only have to be myself, and others have to accept me the way I am. Still, it's hard to do that with parents without getting all the blame and critisizm.

Alina, I guess you are right, I should not be stubborn about that weight issue, I'm only harming myself.

Anonymous and Nesrina, I guess I'm gonna belive you are both right.. It seems to be only a connection!

Master Arnab, you are most welcomed here :)
Glad to find someone else addicted to the Jewel in the palace as much as I am.
I'm still watching it on our national TV, and they are not airing it daily.. Searched for downloading it, but only found it with simplifies Chinesse subtitels :(

I wonder if you know of any other Korean TV drama?! My first was Winter Sonata, the best I've ever watched I guess.