Friday, May 05, 2006
All I can say is.. I’m a ridiculous immature person who act without thinking!

I really don’t know why I act that way! What is it in my mind that leads me to this?! I wonder!!

Been dying to go.. and I went.. and my hidden agenda was fulfilled.. BUT.. I don’t know.. felt I’m out of place.. felt like a stranger.. a feeling that kills me.. left immediately.. without even saluting the people.. what a silly thing to do!!

I was confused.. didn’t want this to appear.. I preferred leaving than being thought of as a fool.. well, I am!

All the way back.. thinking and rethinking.. should I have stayed, or I shouldn’t?! I guess I shouldn’t have went from the beginning.. but I needed it!!

However, I couldn’t even tolerate our eyes meeting! Yeah, sometimes I fear what my eyes might say..

I’m just confused!
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At a certain poit, we all act without thinking...The trick is to react correctly when you eventually start thinking straight, I think.
Take it easy on yourself. Impluses are needed just as striaght thinking is..
You have gone do not beat yourself about it..
As for confusion hoping it will wear off soon.
Alina, the point is, when you start thinking you don't know how to react!

Sarah, I'm taking it easy on myself.. though sometimes she is dumb!
Moon, it's good that you went. and we all feel bad sometimes and it was ok to leave... at least u let yourself experience and feel. that is how we know things.. u just have to try.
Yeah Nesrina.. I've always belived that Trial and Error is the best teacher.. that's only for those who learn the lesson!
i hope u r one of those who learn the lesson

But i think the great thing , that we usaully dont take notice of , is that others dont concenterate on us but on their own selves
but we keep saying 2 ourselves about how much we looked fool or stuiped, while no one noticed anything but ourselves
I came here late, but I hope you are better now:)
BTW, everybody acts without thinking every now and then, so take it easy on yourself:)
Hey Moon, how have you been? Hope all's well!
Sha3'af, I don't always learn the leason, however I do my best.

Wonderer, I'm better el 7amdullah.. Thank you :)

Alina, yeah I guess all is well thank God, been very busy the previous week.. and extremly tired this week as a result. Don't even have the energy to write.. but I won't be away for so long.. Thank you for asking :))