The state of boredom is over

Wednesday, May 03, 2006
It has been a while since I last wrote anything or even went through the blogsphere. Well, I guess I wasn’t suffering from a mute mood as much as I was suffering from boredom.

It took about a week to overcome that state of boredom and depression I was going through. No apparent reason. But I wasn’t feeling good. Lost my interest in many things that used to brighten my day. Didn’t want to go out.. it was a weird mood. Even at work.. kept going in circles.. and having zero progress in my work.

Anyways.. that weird mood is finally over. I’m gradually back to my normal state, or what I wish to be my normal state.

Starting to get myself into new hand craft projects.. I love it when I do this.. I feel I’m doing something that I love.. especially that I have a passion for colors.. anything that contains playing with colors. This reminds me of myself whenever I’m in one of these shops that sell the beads, fabric, canava, etc.. I really feel that I need to buy everything there. Can’t resist it. Even if I don’t have anything that I’ll do with.. But I always like to keep the material at hand, for, whenever something pops in my mind.. I carry it out immediately, and I don’t have to wait till I get the needed stuff..

This also happens when I’m in a stationery.. I can’t resist the colors, the cardboards, pens, note books.. I love it.

I really wonder why can’t I get the idea that I’m already in the open sea?! No more swimming pools?! Why can’t I realize that?!!

More about it later..
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  At 5/04/2006 08:25:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
glad u r back to good moods...btw...I love going to stationaries...I love the colors there as well
what is it with us and stationaries, I love them too.
Remember "U' ve got mail" :)
BTW, I am curious aboou the sea and the pool.
Take care and keep the good mood up.
Thank you Nerro and MIB :))
I'm keeping the good mood up, hopefully.
  At 5/04/2006 11:54:00 PM Anonymous Someone said:
Welcome welcome!!

I was to purposely comment today to ask about you, wether you publish a new post or not..
Thank you!
I love stationary too, I have so many notebooks and pens.

I'm glad to hear you're happier. Can we have some pictures of the craft projects please?
Safiya, sure you can have some pictures of the craft projects.

You know, when I read your comment, I realized something.. Almost all the good things I've done were gifts for my friends.. Seems I gotta photo them before letting them out :D

Anyways.. soon I'll be finishing the thing I have in hand and will be posting it's picture together with some other stuff.