Inner peace and Happiness

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Simple things could give me that feeling of inner peace.. haven’t felt if for so long.. but two things in my life now are lifting the mood up..

They are my new plants and going to the gym..

Yesterday, I had the first blooming flower in my Orange Gerbera.. can’t describe how happy I was. I was jumping with joy.. got the camera and kept taking photos for them (just a note, I’m a dump person when it comes to photography) but I didn’t mind it, I just wanted to record it.

Yesterday evening, after finishing the aerobics.. felt something strange.. it was satisfaction mixed with happiness.. feeling that I’m doing something for myself.. something I like, and the output is only for me. It felt amazing.. can’t really express how it felt.. after I finished, walked slowly towards the gate, feeling the cool breeze.. watching the flowers all around.. it was just amazing.

Though, that inner peace vanished as soon as I realized that I’m spending the coming vacation without any plans.. wanted to go to a hiking trip, but for certain reasons I’m not going. Mum went to the North Cost, but I don’t want to go.. now, it is me and my father.. it seems boring.

Spent the whole day at home, the only good thing I did was reading in my photography book I bought couple of months ago, and had my dad explaining some stuff for me.. and went on practicing on my flowers :DD

I know the photos are not that good, but I like them as my first trials :D
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I think the photo's are really pretty, gerbera's are my favourite flowers too.

That post-workout feeling is great, isn't it!
Moon, I think the photos are great. Colorful, spreading the joy...I think they work perfectly with your post and your general feeling.
Safiya and Alina, thank you :) I'm glad you find the photos nice, and I'm happy that the post is spreading the joy :)
Great picture. I thought you were taking a photography class and these were your initial trial. And I was going to say that they are really very cool. Think you are talented, or the camera is really good :)

SO, this marriage d'amour had brought me memories. Remember the first time I start getting CDs for RIchard. It was in the late 80's and I was so excited. Thanks for reminding me of him. I hardly listen to him. but I love this piece in particular.
  At 4/23/2006 08:33:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Wooow....the pics are mega cool ya moon...keep it up "both mood and photography" :D
Haal and Nerro, thank you ladies, you are really lifting the mood up.. I'm happy you find the pictures nice :)

Haal, long time no seeing of your comments, glad to find your comment.
You think I'm talented?! I hope I am, for I've always belived that when it comes particularly to photography I'm the least talented.. I guess I only needed for something that I really saw as beautiful with my eyes to try and make them come out as beautiful in photos.
Glad that this piece brought you memories, good memories I wish :)

Nerro, will try keeping up both.. though, keeping up the mood is always difficult, but I'm trying :)