It feels nice to be appreciated!

Friday, April 28, 2006
Yesterday I was supposed to have a meeting for delivering the project I was working on. But we didn’t finish, so my manager said we will postpone it. I had my mind set according to this, and wasn’t prepared for any meetings.

Before the meeting with about 15 minutes, I found him reminding me that we have a meeting!!! OMG.. didn’t we say it was postponed. He said, “well, yeah, but couldn’t you show them anything, to know that we are working on it”. I said I’ll check and see if we could show them a quick demo. Checked with my partner in the project, and showed him how far I’ve reach and he said, that’s ok, we could show it to them.

Was totally afraid they won’t like it that way, especially that a lot of things weren’t finished. Thank God, my manager at the beginning of the meeting explained that this is still not the final version, and we are just showing them how far we’ve reached.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t satisfied with it, I found all of the attendees happy with what has been done.. no objecting comments, they said that everything is made very well. One of the main users was very happy with it, and kept on saying that’s perfect and that’s a good job.

Can’t tell you how I felt.. I was veryyy happy. A big difference between my state when entering the meeting, and my state after it. I was even more enthusiastic to do more, and complete the rest in a better way. It feels very nice to find that your effort is appreciated.
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Appreciation gives you a nice warm glow inside, especially when your not expecting it
That's great ya Moon, I am so happy for u. keep it up my friend.
Don't be a perfectionist, u have exerted an effort and that's why u were appreciated. and isA u will be able to finalize it the way u want. Rabena yewafa2ek.
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Safiya, yeah it gives that glow inside, and it pushes for better work.

Thank you MIB, I'm trying my best to keep it up :)