The purpose of life

Saturday, April 08, 2006
An inner voice that I’ve been trying to shut up and ignore for a while was awakened by صاحب الأشجار's post. It made me feel that I’m not the only one who thinks like that.

That thought has always crossed my mind, couldn’t we just live our lives happily without having to torture our lives by going to work?! Why do we put to ourselves many procedures and rules to make ourselves happy?! Why do we say that’s how life is?! It’s not how life is, it’s how we made it to be.

The answer that myself finds for me was the typical answer of “that’s how life is”. I can’t live all my life doing what I want. That’s what I’ve been told. I had a feeling of rejection for that idea, but I surrendered to it, to the idea of I have to make a living of my own, and that’s the way for it, and I find it logical. I know that life is not all about money, however, it’s needed for me to carry out all the activities I want. I won’t be able to buy a book, attend a concert, buy materials for my hand crafts if I can’t afford them.

Since I was still a college student, I’ve always wanted to have my own private business. Wanted to be the boss of my own, I hate having a boss, I hate having deadlines to meet, which I never meet.. I just want to be the master of my own world.

Unfortunately, I discovered this isn’t easy to happen. Currently I’m working as an employee in a company. In the eyes of all surrounding people, they believe I’m lucky to be where I am. I drive them angry when I uncover my need to leave work.

Can not but think of the day I’ll leave, it’s not because I don’t like where I am, actually I’m starting to get used to it, but I can never give up my dream of being my own boss.

I’m trying to compromise with myself, telling her that for me to carry out my dreams I need experience and money. I’m considering my current status just a step towards my bigger dream.

If you ask me what do I want out of this life, I’d say I need to have a positive effect on people’s life. To feel that I’m of an added value. I need to do that through something I enjoy doing. I don’t need money for the sake of money, I just need it to fulfill my dreams.

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” Robert Byrne
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There is nothing wrong with having ambition and yours is one that is attainable. Maybe you should set out a one/three/five year plan. Once you start making steps in the right direction it's amazing what you can achieve. It's a blessing to know what you want in life.
"Once you start making steps in the right direction"

That's what it's all about, the right direction. Don't think I'm on the right one.
  At 4/14/2006 02:32:00 AM Anonymous Someone said:
Have you think of parallelism between your job at hand and any other plans in mind, I know people who started their own projects this way. Just give it a try and once it works then go for it.
Someone, That's actually what I had in mind. But things can't work with me that way for many reasons. First I feel I won't be putting all my effort in either of them.. 7ab2a moshatatta. Second, I belive to establish a private business it needs all your time, can't do that while almost all the day I have something else to do.