The picture is darker than I see!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006
I’m not happy.. yes that’s how I’m feeling..

The reasons are many, and variant. I have my personal non important reasons, and I have my non personal reasons, but the conclusion is I’m not happy..

It started by wasting a vacation of 5 days, just for not planning for it well. Umm, let me rephrase this, I had my plans, but for a certain reason which is, I was the only girl who was interested to join in, though my brother was going to be with me, but I was not allowed to go :(

Fine, thought I’ll manage and have fun some other way. But I ended by spending two days in Cairo, two days at the North Coast. That wasn’t the kind of vacation I wanted to spend. Needed more action, but it was all about sleeping and sitting doing nothing!

Yesterday, before leaving the North Coast, we knew about the bombings at Dahab, and that added to everything else, especially that my brother is in Sinai.

Waked up in the morning, having that urge that I won’t waste today as well, I should be doing anything to lift the mood up.

Started my day by going through the blogs, wanted to know what is being said about the Dahab bombings and the judges incident. Unfortunately, that spoilt the mood more. Felt suffocated. I’ve really had enough of all this. I guess we all had!

Sometimes I feel the picture is darker than I see!!
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Salaam Moon,
Hope everyone you know is well, insha Allah. I'm so sorry to hear about what has happened. I really feel there are darker forces at work then we know about.

That's not a really cheerful statement, sorry. I hope tomorrow brings you more sunshine and flowers :)
Sweetie, don't be sad, even if there has been a kind of ebtela2 from god we should be patient.
and as for spending the vacation here. thank god we were not in Sinai :)... cheer up, things will get better isA.
Thank you Safiya and MIB :)