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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
At about 4:30 felt I need to go out, called a friend, but she was busy. I hanged up with her while thinking of someone else to go out with. After less than one minute, I got an sms from Rain asking if I’ll be able to join them in an outing.. Hurray, that’s what I needed. Called her immediately, told her I’m joining wherever they are going.

Actually I had a preference for the place, but didn’t want to enforce it. Found that they don’t mind it, so I suggested the place I want to go to. It was ceramic café, I like the place, but most important I like it for the same reasons kids like it for, the ceramic. There, you could buy a plain ceramic pots, it could be a mug, plate, vase, etc.. they offer you the colors, the brush, and you could color it there :D

To be honest, I only saw kids coloring, but I couldn’t resist it. I got a mug, and started coloring. It felt amazing. Was very happy, to the extent I didn’t want to finish. Was finally done with it, with the help of my friends suggesting colors.. and at the end it looked very nice.. Will be putting it’s picture here after I get it on Saturday.

Was my third time to the Spring Flowers exhibition at el Orman park. I couldn’t not resist it. Each time I go there, I’m more addicted. Plants and flowers are just amazing. I got my
lucky bamboo from there, a beautiful small Guzmania, and two Gerberas. Lucky BambooGuzmania
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That ceramic cafe sounds cool. I wish I'd gone there when I was in Cairo.
  At 4/12/2006 08:51:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Allah..I wanna go I wrote down the address ya Moon..bas where is it located exactly...ganb eih ya3ni?? btw...I like that u painted your mug.
Mabrrok for your new plants...7elween awi :D
You know Moon , although i was not considering this at all -i mean coloring pots- but now i do :D ... bgd i was very happy seeing u coloring it , thanks dear for suggesting such a wonderful place.
Ceramic Cafe?!
How come I never heard of this place! I will sure visit it during my next visit to Egypt. I liked the idea so much:)

Mabrouk for the new plants. I love to buy some flowers. However, I don't like the idea that flowers are seasonal. They die by the end of summer at most. So I don't buy them, I prefer watching them in gardens.
Safiya, try searching for one where you live.. just type ceramic cafe in any searching engine.

Nerro, it's in front of Tssepas el ma7kama, do you know it? If you don't, I have a map for it, if you would like I could send it to you, or we could go together if you would like to :)
Glad you like my new plants :)

Rain, I'm happy you liked the place, and next time consider coloring the pots.. believe me, it's amazing :D

Wonderer, sure you should consider visiting it.. it's a nice place, and the idea is very nice.
I love flowers as well.. I wasn't into buying them that much.. however I couldn't resist them in the exhibition, they looked great, however, I know that it's only seasonal :( bas 7a3mel eih.. couldn't resist them :D
  At 4/13/2006 09:08:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
I know tssepas el ma7kama...fa no need for the map :) still I can pretend that I don't know the area...and can't read maps...and we go together..that would be wonderful ya Moon..